Client Portfolio
Bespoke website design
Unique Designs Furniture

This was a complete replacement for an existing site the client already had in place. Client provided visuals of their requirements, and the resulting website had to match the specified measurements and layout.

Bespoke website design
Braintree District Arts

A local organisation approached us to design and deliver a membership driven website. The content was to be primarily controlled via a CMS. Individuals can register for membership which then allows them to use the facilities on the website such as:

  • Automatic placement on a members map
  • A clash diary for public/private events
  • Publicising events
  • Sharing of bulletins
Bespoke website design
8 Day Weekend

This involved taking an extremely detailed design as provided by a third party and converting it into a fully functioning website. We provided ongoing maintenance as was necessary.

Bespoke website design

A third party design was given to us, and our task was to incorporate it into an Actinic Catalog shopping cart site. This was then handed over to the client for them to maintain in-house.

Bespoke website design
The Liability Network

We were asked to design and construct a new website for this loss adjuster and claims consultancy. A combination of static information pages, together with a bespoke CMS to allow them to provide their own editorial on their news pages and to maintain a bulletin library.

Bespoke website design
Braintree BID

This local council funded initiative previously had a website created by a third party, however they wanted to be able to maintain the content of their site themselves. Our task was to turn it into a fully CMS controlled website. In addition we created a diary system and a news page.