Having been let down by a previous web designer, you managed to add features to our client's websites in record time, everytime.
Stephen Woodard
Force36 Ltd

Want to increase traffic to your website?

Would you like to build an online customer base?

Never before has it been so difficult to succeed in the online world.
Following on from the creation of a website it can be frustrating that you are not achieving reasonable volumes of traffic. Any website created by us is coded in such a way that pertinent information is best presented to search engines, but the work doesn't stop there.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is arguably the most important part of a websites creation. Considering the fact that those on the first page of any search result get around 96% of all traffic, it’s certainly a coveted position. The business generated from being on the first page for any keyword (or set of keywords) can be huge, and it is well worth optimising your website to generate as much traffic as possible.

The process of optimisation can be very complex and involves the coding of the site itself (adding meta tags, alt tags to images, and many other search-engine-approved techniques) and with it, the right use of keywords to target a low-competition keyword search with a large amount of search queries.

We start by asking you the keywords you would like to rank for, and then researching the keywords that might not be utilised by the competition.

For example, if a customer wanted to rate for “Wood”, but specialised in “Mahogany”, then we would optimise for “Mahogany” rather than wood as the customer would be more likely to convert search queries into sales. They would also be more likely to rank higher as there’d be less competition from perhaps more established websites optimising for the broader query of “wood”.

Using Social Media to increase your following

Any websites already created by us will be carefully built to include optimisation techniques, so less impetus will be put on the on-site coding side of things if your website was originally built by us.

There is, however, a more complex side to SEO, which mainly involves link-building and generating a customer base to best utilise Google’s algorithms. This is often best done by creating content that visitors will be eager to share with their friends and colleagues. An often successful tactic employed is using social media outlets in order to keep people subscribed to your product or service and gather support for it.

Once people begin to share your brand or service through Social Media, blogging tools, or even link to you from their own websites - it not only creates a customer following, but creates an ever-increasing web of links and textual references throughout the internet that search engines will recognise.

Once search engines realise your brand or service is upcoming and contemporary, they will begin to reward you with higher search rankings. The important thing here is not to stop. Search Engines reward those that are constantly changing and updating content, and always providing new and existing visitors alike with fresh and interesting content.

Newsletter Production

What better way to keep your business fresh than in people’s inboxes? A recent article suggested that 90% of us check our email daily, common sense tells us it is therefore the best means of communication.

Regular newsletter production is an important part of reminding people about your business and keeping existing customers.

A professional looking template can be the difference between customers staying subscribed, or moving on to a competitor.

We are able to provide you with a professional-looking email template designed individually to incorporate your branding that is easy to use as a basis for your every publication. Our template will also make it easy for people to subscribe via your website with no extra effort required from you.

All you will need to concern yourself with is the content for the newsletter, but if you are one for statistics we will also provide you with how many subscribers you have down to the amount of people opening the email itself. You can even see how your statistics fare to those in the same industry as you!