Having previously had negative experiences in getting updates actioned with other web designers it is a pleasure to find Crisell Internet very responsive to requests.
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Want to alter you own content?

Would you like to add a news page?

We like to think we know a bit or two about MySQL databases and the PHP code that interacts with it. This gives us the solid foundations to create Content Management Systems. Keeping your website content fresh and exciting via your own CMS gives your website the edge over your competitors.

Alter content yourself with a Content Management System (CMS)

If your website content regularly needs changing or updating, the right solution might be a Content Management System (or CMS).

A CMS is a password-secured ‘back office’ of sorts, which makes it very easy for you to change content on your website whenever needed. It’s usually a case of you typing in your latest news story (as an example), and we code both the website and the CMS to do the rest automatically for you. Essentially your keyed data is stored onto a database, and the public facing part of the website retrieves that information and displays it.

There are a few advantages of a CMS driven website, the main one being that it allows you to change content immediately and without the use of a developer or intermediary. It also means that for a one-off fee, you are capable of editing your website for no extra cost in the future.

Typical uses for a CMS are adding news stories, calendars, newstickers or perhaps adding images to a portfolio. It’s even possible to code a CMS to allow for you to create entirely new pages of content based around the template we’ve already created for your other pages.

A CMS can be implemented at any time.

Whether you want elements of your new website controlled by a CMS, or even if you are coming to us with an existing website, we can provide you with a customised solution. Regardless of how old the website is or whether it was created by us or not, if you are finding the expense of paying a developer to update your website to be too costly or too lengthy, then a CMS is certainly an option to consider.

Providing your current hosting supports PHP and a MySQL database (we can check this for you) - we can design, construct and implement a CMS onto your website all for a simple one-off fee.